What distinguishes Polyesters from other polymers is their specific binding. That is why we decided to use the name Polyester Studio. It’s what makes us unique. We trust in strong connections. Especially the connection between design, logo and name. We believe in the special link that joins our studio with our client. We base it on trust and open cooperation.
We also believe that the final result of our work can attach consumers to the brand.

We gained our experience by working in advertising agencies, graphic studios and managing brands. That is why we perfectly understand how branding works. From the launch of the product to cosmetic changes and re-branding - all of this for us is multidimensional.

We are a team of professionals, who work carefully and with precision. We offer thought through solutions.
Our designs take time and require full involvement of many people. Only this approach can in the end lead to a valuable project, allowing products, services and institutions to function effectively. We won’t launch junk. For your and our sake.

Work ethos:

It doesn’t matter if you have your own small company, or if your responsible for the image of a large corporation. For a suitable fee we will pick up the gauntlet. Although we ensure you that working with us is pure pleasure, nevertheless it is based on some rules.

1.What we offer:

_We provide services connected with visual communication strategies, graphic projects, web design, 3D visualizations as well as everything within our competence.

_We will help you create a new brand, take over and redo the existing one, or we will simply give you advice on what to do.
_Your brand is in good hands. We will take good care of it and we will strengthen it with our cogitation as well as with our clear and intuitive projects. All of the above will, in effect bring your brand closer to being a market leader.

_No loose ends. The solutions we offer will be fully integrated with the company’s strategy.
All of the elements beginning with the start up to the brand name or graphic design, will fit together like a puzzle, in result creating a full image of your brand.

_We are going to build and strengthen your brand, and in result your company will attract more customers, achieve higher mark-up and easier access to new markets.

_During each stage we give you our experience, knowledge and skills.

2.What we expect from our cooperation:

_Above all - cooperation - our work is a process, not just an element suspended in space.
Creating or refreshing a brand is an enormous and laborious challenge. That is why we aim for long-term cooperation, which will allow our studio to reliably implement tasks entrusted upon us and achieve set goals.

_We want to be partners, not subcontractors - this always brings better results. We will believe in your brand, but in return we expect you to believe in our knowledge, experience and skills.
You hire us because we know what we are doing. Mutual trust is a must.

_We have to remember that about the class of a project renders it’s simplicity. And simplicity doesn’t come easy.

_Providing thought through solutions requires time and work of many professionals. And their time is money. As is yours. That is why we won’t hide the fact that working with us provides quality and effects but not low prices.
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